Crowdfunding for Social Causes & NGO Activities and Peer to Peer Lending for SMEs and Start-ups

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The book gives a complete overview of the Crowdfunding which has recently gained importance as a means of funding. Current scenario, particularly in the Indian context, the law surrounding Crowdfunding as well as the procedure to obtain crowdfunding have been explained in the book. The procedure adopted by some websites has been included as illustrations. Crowdfunding for social causes and NGO activities has been discussed in detail along with the sectors in which it can be applied fruitfully.

The second part of the Book is devoted to Peer-to-Peer lending which is another aspect of crowdfunding and which is the only legal form of crowdfunding in India for SMEs and start-ups, as the law stands today. Relevant RBI Circulars, SEBI Guidelines and Sample Project Plans are also given in the book.